Five things you probably don’t know about me…

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1. I’m actually really shy when it comes to my writing.
I didn’t tell anyone outside of my mom and my sister that I’d written a book until I was offered my first contract. It’s still feels strange to me at times that so many people know my deep, dark literary secrets. However, I’m so blessed to have been given the chance to share my stories with everyone. I love hearing from readers about how they have been impacted by books. It definitely makes sharing my secret worth it. 

2. I recently finished an Invisalign treatment.
For those of you who may not know, Invisalign are clear braces. I had them in for about a year and a half or so. It hurt like crazy the first week or so. My mouth was swollen and all cut up from the plastic material. Thankfully, it got better as time went on. Either that or my pain tolerance went up. Optimal wear of the invisalign trays was 22 hrs a day. Otherwise, no eating and only water allowed for drinking. A natural grazer when it comes to meals, I actually developed low blood sugar that I’m still trying to get under control. My teeth are straight, though, and that pesky overbite is pretty much gone. So what it worth it? Hmm. Maybe.

3. I was recovering from a concussion while writing my latest two books.
I could write a whole post just about that experience. Maybe I will someday. In the meantime, can I just say that it’s really hard to write when your brain isn’t working? I was so confused, dazed and forgetful. I would start writing a new scene for The Texan’s Courtship Lessons only to realize that I had already written that exact scene on a different draft of the same story. I was going in circles! I credit the Lord for enabling me to get those books written because there really is no other explanation for why they are logical, cohesive and, if I may say so myself, really good.

4. I really love to sing!
My college friends might not be all that surprised since I was in the university’s choir. However, very few people have heard me sing without fifty plus other people chiming in. Again, it’s a shyness thing. Those few people who’ve heard me sing say I’m actually pretty good.

5. My sixth book (Count it. Sixth!) was released TODAY!
You can purchase The Texan’s Engagement Agreement on Amazon right now. It will be available at Barnes and Nobles starting on the 9th. Look for it in Walmart stores across the country all this month. You know what that mean right? It’s party time!

Drop me a line below and tell me a little bit about yourself. You don’t have to share your darkest secrets unless you just want to then I’m all ears.